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" The only thing that saves us from the bureaucracy is inefficiency. An efficient bureaucracy is the greatest threat to liberty "


I live in the North Island in the great country that is New Zealand.

Although this is an 'about me' section, I am hardly going to ramble on about my love for ping pong ball shows. You can expect most of what you find here will relate to hunting or firearms. That goes for the web site generally although 'Interests' is a little different.

I have what can be only described as a passion for hunting. Hunting red deer in particular. I wasn’t shown how to hunt or taken out hunting as a young fella. I just had this gut feeling that’s what I wanted to do. I will borrow a quote from Dave Hughes [of Swazi] " My eyes face forward, I am a predator ".

Hunting is an instinctive thing. I don’t believe that side of it can be taught. Perhaps those that can’t explain why they don’t hunt have lost something through the materialistic evolution of mankind.

On deer hunting. I first hunted fallow deer as a teenager. The reds came a bit later when I was introduced to a spot in the central north Island known as the "Dominion". A block of bush behind Owhango. Since that trip I haven't looked back.

I then discovered that the deer were worth a bit of pocket money. So I got registered and started to ship a few off to Mair Venisons chiller in Taupo and the cheques rolled in (and my back suffered). Not as many cheques as I would have liked. I was at the tail end of things by this time.

Those days are gone now. The aerial 1080 program has taken its toll on that industry. By default or by clever design.

Nowadays its about being out there in the bush and hills. I can also be found culling feral goats.

Remember its not always about the hunting, just being out there in the bush or tops is experience enough.

Why an AR15? Why not? Simple bit of kit, gets the job done (and some). I will go into why a semi over a bolt action for hunting in 'Tools of the Trade'. Yes, there are some good reasons.


Email address info@ar15hunter.50webs.com


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Firstly I will say I still carry a compass and map for places I don’t know well. Technology has a way of letting you down when you need it most. It’s a Murphy’s law thing I guess...
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