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Stop 1080 Poison

The Graf Boys A Shadow of Doubt is a documentary by the Graf Boys on 1080 poison and the effects it is having on New Zealand. A non-profit project that demonstrates the “in the field” dangers of 1080 use in New Zealand. Well worth viewing.

Effects of Reducing Barrel Length on Velocity Very good article where a barrel is cut down one inch at a time until it ended up only 11"

Swazi Clothing Co. If you havent heard of Swazi clothing you have been missing out. Top gear tested in 'real' conditions.

Dan Newberrys Load Development

KiwiGPS The place to buy your next GPS

New Zealand Deerstalkers' Association Incorporated Website.

Varmint Al's printable targets Heaps of free downloadable targets here.

ADI Powders

Radio Live online

JBM online Ballistics Calculator Calculate trajectory etc online for free!

IMAS Forum International Military Arms Society Inc

Banksy a well-known yet pseudo-anonymous English graffiti artist

If there are links on here that are blind (i.e go no where or to the wrong page) email me and let me know. Cheers

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